International relations and LLP/Erasmus

General coordinators
(delegates of the Department of the University Erasmus Commission are also named): Professor Alberto Oddenino and Professor Edoardo Ferrante.

Area Coordinators:

- French Area:  Dr Massimo Durante;

- English Area: Dr Ludovica Poli;

- Spanish Area: Dr Anna Mastromarino;

- German Area: Dr Saverio Masuelli.

The role of the area coordinators is to run the tutoring and Learning Agreements for incoming and outgoing students, in each language, as well as to establish the final conversion sheet for the students returning from an international experience. The general coordinators are responsible for the management of tenders, bilateral agreements and collecting the conversion sheets, checking them and approving them for the final control phase by the Department Council.

The process is also supported by the Erasmus Tutor (, who is responsible for supplying students with all information relative to participation in the project. The Tutor may be contacted for any questions related to:

- clarification on tenders

- application questions

- choice of materials for conversion

- assistance in the compilation of administrative documents necessary for departure.  


Hours of the Erasmus tutor:

- Monday 10-12;

- Wednesday 10-13;

- Friday 9-11.

 Campus Luigi Einaudi - Room 88 - Second floor, building D2.



Participation in the program


Erasmus Commission

Learning Agreement


Planning studies abroad

Collaboration with the tutor


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