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The Department of Law conducts pioneering research in almost all of the Scientific Disciplinary sectors of Area 12 of the CUN for Legal Sciences. Historical, transnational and comparative dimensions are not just subjects of specialist studies, but are also cultivated in the Department as indispensable components of every area of legal knowledge and constitute one of the elements that has characterised research in recent years. Below some of the principle areas of research active in the Department are listed:

Private Law (IUS/01)

Private comparative law (IUS/02) and Public comparative law (IUS/21)

Commercial law (IUS/04)

Labour law (IUS/07)

Constitutional law (IUS/08) and Institutions of Public Law (IUS/09)

Administrative Law (IUS/10)

Canon and ecclesiastical law (IUS/11)

Tax Law (IUS/12)

International law (IUS/13)

European Union law (IUS/14)

Civil procedure law (IUS/15)

Criminal procedure law (IUS/16)

Criminal law (IUS/17)

Roman law and ancient laws (IUS/18)

History of Medieval and modern law (IUS/19)

Legal philosophy (IUS/20)

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