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Study on Document Quality control in Public Administrations and in International Organisations

Progetti europei
Research program
Invitation to Tender - Eu DG Translation
Funding agency
European Commission – DG Translation
01/01/2013 - 31/07/2013
Prof. Silvia Ferreri

Project participants

Project description

  • Abstract:

Document Quality Control in Public Administrations and International Organisations is a nine-month project commissioned by the General Directorate Translation of the European Commission (DGT). The project aims to establish which policies are in place in public administrative bodies and international organisations to ensure document quality, who is responsible for implementing them  and how effective they are.

In particular, the project will explore: a) document quality control in a historical and comparative perspective; b) document quality control arrangements in the public administrative bodies of countries that use one or more official language(s) and in international organisations; (c) the main organisational forms for the drafting of official documents in their specific legal, political and linguistic environments and the main actors involved with language and legal aspects, drafting and communication; (d) existing plain language policies or legislation on document quality control in context, taking into account underlying concepts of the law; (e) policies for adapting legal language to target readers and  decisions effectively affecting citizens;f) specific policies for the recruitment of drafters (communication/legal experts).

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