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Visiting Professor/Visiting Researcher Program @ UNITO Law Department

Every year the Department of Law of the University of Turin hosts several Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers from all over the world. They can be appointed for long visits (whole academic year) or short visits (minimum 1 month).

Visiting Professors are generally professors of law at another institution and who want to spend a period of time teaching or researching at the Law Department.

Visiting Researchers are individuals who possess a Ph.D. or its equivalent, and whose primary purpose for visiting at the Law Department is to conduct independent research.

All visitors must be sponsored by a member of the UNITO Law Department, who is willing to act as an advisor to the proposed research project.

As a general rule, all visiting scholars are self-funded and are themselves responsible for all matters concerning their own travel and accommodation. The Law Department accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. A limited number of fellowships may be awarded every year by the Law Department.

For further information, please contact Support to international activities- Campus L.Einaudi (

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