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Joint Network on European Private Law (Copecl)

Progetti europei
Research program
VI Framework Programme – European Commission
Funding agency
Commissione europea
01/03/2005 - 30/04/2009
Gianmaria Ajani

Project participants

Project description

  • Abstract:

Considering the need for a better consistency between policy action by the Community institutions in the field of Private law and terminology of European law, the key objective of the program is to facilitate the national reception of Community policy within the field of Private Law through both the realisation of a common terminology of European private law and a better understanding of the impact of historical divergences.

The drafters of this proposal suggest that the barrier between the two levels - member states and EU - it is largely due to a existing conflict between member States legal orders and policy-making at the Community level. To explore this field, a network of specialists of several countries and from different research areas (such as comparative law, international law, civil procedure, legal theory and civil law) has been invited to join forces. The teams active in this project share the conviction that training of a group of young European jurists will be an important contribution to the solution of this problem.

The products of this research will be an ensemble of publications (monographs, short essays and commentaries to EU and national legislation and case-law), interactive texts (CD-ROM, web pages, web bulletins or reviews) and an electronic legal syllabus that will have both a methodological impact (demonstrating the feasibility of research work aimed to the recognition of legal taxonomies that connect EU legal discourse with the national ones) and an empirical value (containing examples of a “Europeanization of legal concepts”).

  • Consortium:

Coordinator of the project: University of Bielefeld


  • Università di Torino (Italia);
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam (Olanda);
  • Universitetet i Bergen (Norvegia);
  • The University of Edinburgh (UK);
  • Göteborg University (Svezia);
  • Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Austria);
  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Germania);
  • University of Innsbruck (Austria);
  • Universität Osnabrück (Germania);
  • Associtation Henri Capitant (Francia);
  • Université Paris XI, Faculté Jean Monnet (Francia);
  • Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg (Austria);
  • Tilburg University (Olanda);
  • Europäische Rechtsakademie Trier (Germania);
  • Università degli Studi di Trieste (Italia);
  • University of Utrecht (Olanda).
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