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Urban Innovative Action
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SH2_8 - Legal theory, legal systems, constitutions, comparative law
SH3_10 - Urbanization, cities and rural areas
01/11/2016 - 01/11/2019
Prof. Ugo Mattei

Project participants

Project description


  • Abstract:

COCITY is intended to break the self-reinforcing circle of poverty, social segregation in deprived neighborhoods and lack of participation. It achieves this by supporting the development of an innovative, polycentric "commons-based urban welfare" composed of generative communities centered on urban commons, low-cost service coproduction, social mixing, and care of public spaces.

COCITY is innovative in its legal, managerial and technological aspects, providing: an unconventional legal framework to enable citizens to take care of urban commons; an innovative ICT infrastructure for local social market and networking; management tutoring towards economic sustainability. The authoritative approach is replaced by a collaborative one that considers citizens as potential changemakers, agents of virtuous circular processes of commoners' welfare. Meanwhile, the public sector evolves from being a service provider to being an enabler and a partner.

COCITY focuses on the cyclic process of "place production" rather than on a specific social target or deprived area. Empty public or private spaces become an opportunity instead of a cost and urban care becomes a collective task. This approach shares the logic of urban commons, helping to tackle social exclusion and neighborhood deprivation, promoting commons' use values rather than assets' exchange values, and enabling hidden resources of social capital to emerge.

  • Consortium:

Coordinator of the project: Città di Torino


Case del Quartiere

Università di Torino: Dipartimento di Informatica, Dipartimento Culture, Politica e Società, Dipartimento Esomas



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